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Triple Triad Gold
by Pashlik

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November 2, 2002: The traffic issue has been resolved, somewhat. Actually, it hasn't been resolved at all, but now I at least have proof that the problem was with the traffic meter, and not this site. Should the site go down during November due to exceeded traffic limits, rest assured I will not behave very gently towards my host... ^_^

So, this means TTG 0.9 is once again available for download on this site. Sorry for any trouble this "experiment" of mine might have caused any of you.

October 27, 2002: First of all, let me apologize about the blatant lack of updates to this site. And to all those who have mailed me to ask about the status of TTG, I apologize once more for not being able to respond to all of you.

As for the status of TTG, it has been on ice for almost a year now. I cannot promise any release dates, but I can at least tell you that I have not stopped working on it.

Now for some other, rather troubling news. There has been a dramatic increase in traffic on this site, to such an extent that it's threatening to reach my account's bandwidth limit soon. A good deal of this traffic is from an increasing number of TTG downloads (^_^), but there is also almost 2 gigabytes of unaccounted traffic flowing through Whether or not this is a problem with the traffic meter, the HTTP logs, or even a form of DoS attack, I cannot ascertain at this time.

As a rather drastic measure, I am forced to temporarily discontinue hosting the main TTG zip file. I am aware that this will cause trouble for people, but it is imperative to get to the bottom of this traffic issue. When matters are resolved, the file will once again be hosted here. Please bear with me and try to get it from another site. A Google search should hopefully find a mirror, just make sure it's really Qhimm's TTG. ^_^

November 26, 2001: First bugfix for TTG 0.9 released.

November 22, 2001: New release of Triple Triad Gold! Due to lack of time I have not been able to implement two-player game in beta 2, you will have to survive without it until the next release.

Triple Triad Gold is a clone of the popular card game in Final Fantasy VIII, Triple Triad. This project was started in the early 2000, with the ambition of being as close to the original as possible. TTG is a one-man project, developed using Visual C++. It utilizes MFC, DirectX and the BASS sound system.

•  Easy-to-use, FF8 style interface
•  Supports all the original game rules, including trade rules
•  FF8-style card viewer
•  Challenge the computer to win more cards
   •  Three different AI levels
   •  Practice with a random deck or a FF8 save file deck *
•  Practice with a friend, sharing the same computer
•  Challenge a friend with Two-Player Game *
   •  Connect using IPX, TCP/IP, modem or serial connection *
•  Sound and background music

* Feature not yet available, scheduled for next release

Special thanks to:

•  Everyone who helped me gather graphics for the bonus cards

Known bugs:
•  The card viewer tends to drain your computer's memory if used a lot. The memory is returned when you quit TTG. - partly fixed
•  You can not win any rare cards. - fixed

File name Size (beta 2) 3.4 MB
This is the main Triple Triad Gold program. All data files included.
•  This program isn't entirely bug-free, crashes can occur.
•  The author can not be held responsible for any damage caused.
•  TTG is not affiliated with Square. Do NOT mail them for support. (0.9 bugfix) 66 kB
Bugfix 1 for TTG 0.9. Replace the original Triple Triad Gold.exe. (6.00.8267) 456 kB
The Microsoft Foundation classes. Needed to run TTG.
You will need at least DirectX 6.1 to access the multi-player modes. [ Not available yet ] ? kB
A bonus background music set.

The plan is to include server support in TTG, making it easy to find players to challenge and adding extra features to the game. When that day comes, you will be able to find/download a list of TTG servers here.

Really, I suck at helping people with these things. I can't even write a decent ReadMe file. Instead I try to make my programs easy enough to use so the user don't need a help file. I'll see if I can write something here later, though.

•  The Domination rule [ Not available ]

[ Not available ]